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The WHY Factor

By Jack Haynes | In Blog


I want you to think about your fitness goals for a minute. WHO do you see when you look in the mirror? WHEN you think about your present physical health and fitness level, HOW do you feel? If you could make a list of goals for yourself, WHAT would they be? Many of you might list things like lose 10 pounds, tone up, and have more energy. These goals don’t have much feeling behind them, but they look good on paper! Today, I want you to go beyond those surface goals and dig deeper! Your Why.

Let’s talk about your WHY!

Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to be stronger or have more energy? Ultimately, there was an initial reason that led to your decision to start exercising. Maybe you still have not started exercising, but you really want to and it’s always on your mind! So, what is it in your life that requires you to weigh less or be more physically fit? Is being out of shape getting in the way of living?

Think about the things in your life that are dear to you that make being physically fit so important. I had a client once say that she really wanted to take her kids to Disney world. She was so overweight and out of shape, however, she could not walk for long distances and did not have the endurance for this trip. When she began training with me, we stayed focused on this goal: to take her kids to Disney World. The next year she took her kids to Disney World!

Do you think that was an emotional point in her life? Yes! And that is exactly what I want you to get. Your why has to be emotional and you have to feel passionate about it. Your WHY is what is going to get your butt out of bed and to the gym when you just want to hit the snooze button. Your WHY is going to make you do that last set of lunges even though you want to quit. Your WHY is going to keep you from eating that piece of chocolate cake at the birthday party!

Don’t just say I want to lose 10 pounds. Go further and ask yourself WHY you want to lose 10 pounds. Imagine yourself where you want to be with your fitness goals and imagine how that will change your life. Feel those feelings every day and wake up knowing and believing you are on your way to being the person you can and will be.

– Marisa Sanders, CFT


One Comment to "The WHY Factor"

  • Hildred Vandorn says:

    April 22, 2016 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    This is nice but I think I already know where I am right now and why I’m doing this to my self. You really made a good point about asking yourself why in this post. It’s actually what will drive you to strive further so it’s really important for you to realize why you’re doing what you’re doing.

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