Circuit Training Program

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a method of training involving several sets of different exercises that you must complete in succession. Usually, there is no or little resting time between the set of exercises. The circuit training program is generally designed for a full-body workout.

For a workout to be called circuit training, it has several characteristics. e.g., one set of exercises can target your upper body and another on your lower body. Ideally, this training ensures each muscle group is trained with every workout session.

Characteristics of a Good Circuit Training Program

Several features can tell whether you have a high-quality circuit training program or not. Some of these include:

Short Rest
Short resting time between exercises. These could be between 15-30 seconds between different activities.
3 to 5 Minutes Rest
Resting for about three to five minutes before trying another circuit
A high number of repetitions for all exercises. For example, 12-15 jumping jacks or leg presses before moving to another set. Alternatively, a workout can be performed in a specific set time. For example, spend 1 minute on the treadmill or 30 seconds wall squatting.
High Heart Rate
High heart rate during circuit training due to the short resting time between exercises

Types of Circuit Training

Cardio Training
This type of circuit training is for those who want to lose weight leading to an improved fitness level and endurance. It involves doing more reps but with lighter weights to increase the cardiovascular intensity. As a high rep training, you tend to lose more calories.
Split Training
This type of circuit incorporates both cardio and strength training. By doing this training, you achieve both of your goals, including losing fat weight and gaining muscles.
Strength Training
After losing weight, strength training is recommended. This training helps build lean muscles. Usually, it involves fewer reps because the weights are heavier than those used in a cardio workout. Thus, exercises such as medicine ball tosses and burpees are incorporated into the training.

Benefits of Circuit Training

There are many benefits of circuit training. Some of these include:

Full Body Workout
Considering circuit training involves a set of exercises targeting all the muscle groups, you do a full-body workout by completing any circuit. With this program, you do not need to schedule different workouts throughout the week.
It Is Ideal for Beginners and Already Trained People
The good thing with a circuit program is that you can choose one depending on your fitness level. If you feel unfit, you can start small by doing fewer exercises and fewer rounds. As you get used to a simple routine, you can move to more complex circuits.
High-Quality Workout in a Short Time
If you are person limited with time, this program comes in handy. You will take no or short breaks during exercises and perform high-quality training in a short time, getting the good results you are looking for.

Circuit Training Program That Brings You to the Next Level

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