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“For years I have struggled with weight loss. I tried every fad diet and even resorted to a prescribed schedule 3 drug banned in Tennessee. Last January, I made the decision to get my life back on track and be healthy. Knowing that I needed structure and accountability, I sought recommendations for a personal trainer. Jack Haynes at Next Level Fitness was mentioned multiple times. After a complimentary consult with him on January 5th, I made the commitment to 12 training sessions. It turns out, that is exactly what I needed. I wanted to make a lifestyle change so right off the bat we took a three- fold approach tailoring my nutrition, exercise, and goals. With my job I travel extensively and have frequent business lunches and dinners. Jack helped me plan accordingly by scheduling 6 meals per day. He advised me to make healthier choices rather than take a restrictive approach or ban certain foods. Together, we developed a plan I can live with for life. Based on my work schedule and availability, he developed different workouts and goals for me each week. “My homework” consisted of exercises that could be done anywhere – with or without a gym. We combined different strength training and cardio to help shed weight and build muscle. As a result, my weight has gone from 237 to 170 lbs. and I no longer require high blood pressure medication. My body fat percentage has also dropped 10%. Here a year later, I’m still as committed as I was at day one. I am energetic, motivated- and most of all- healthy. To sum it up, I feel like a completely different person inside and out. I could not be happier with my results or recommend Jack strongly enough. Jack Haynes CHANGED MY LIFE. Let him change yours.”

-Jack French

“In 2007 I had three bad discs and was told I had degenerative spine that would quickly end up in surgery. My MD told me that I had to lose weight and start exercising, basically change my whole approach to life to try and put off going under the knife and he was right though I hated hearing him say that. I tried to do it on my own but it didnt work. So I asked a physically fit friend to recommend a personal trainer and they sent me to Jack Haynes and I started working out with him. Thankfully he had a lot of patience! This past week they repeated the MRI and we were all BLOWN AWAY! Side by side the scans look like to different people. My back has actually IMPROVED not deteriorated!!! Jack Haynes and Next Level Fitness have helped me strengthen my core & lower back and take off the weight to the point my MD said there’s nothing else they can suggest as I am in “phenomenal shape”!! I still have days when my back hurts like crazy, but Jack helps me find alternative ways to achieve my goals and together, we have never given up! Being able to trust Jack has helped when I couldn’t see past the moment when everything hurt and my faith in myself slipped. Personal training with Jack has enabled me to beat the odds and surgery is no longer an option or threat!!!

Thanks Jack. You’re my hero!!!!”
-Allen McKendree

“This is an absolutely fantastic personal training studio. All of the equipment is clean and is kept in order. What I like most is definitely the people. All of the trainers are great and are willing to help out anyone who has some questions. Jack Haynes is the head trainer and he is awesome. It’s been very fun to see the transformations he has been able to make with his clients. I highly recommend Next Level Fitness.”

-Dan Sutton

“Jack Haynes has been training me for a couple months. He is creative, focused, and has a genuine interest in getting me in shape and teaching how to eat well. He knows his stuff and has some cool gadgets on his Ipad that always keep me on my toes! I highly recommend Next Level Fitness!”

-Doug Bryson

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