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Scott Sargent

Blown away! If you are serious about getting into shape and have some goals in mind then you need to check out Next Level Fitness. Walked in and the music was going, the trainers are ready to get you sweating, and there knowledge and ability to teach is great. With the trainer setting they key in on you with no interruptions and you do not have to wait on others for equipment. The trainers have your goals in mind and work to your strengths. I highly recommend this facility and encourage anyone who is considering trying to get into shape to utilize what Next Level has to offer and you will be where you need to be in no time!

Claire Coop

The best trainers in Nashville are at this gym. (Shoutout to Jackson Boyd!) Amazing environment that allows you to reach your goals. Always clean and super friendly.

Melanie Collett

I’ve only been working out at Next Level Fitness with Jack Haynes for 6 weeks now and I can already see a dramatic improvement in my physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and physique. Jack customizes each workout based on my present fitness level. No workout is the same. I love walking into the gym not knowing what he has planned for that day. It keeps things fun and interesting and also challenges my body. As my fitness level increases, the intensity increases. He is not only encouraging and motivating but he is also educating me on proper nutrition, how to live a more healthy lifestyle and how to work out properly on my own. The gym itself is amazing with plenty of space. NLF has top of the line equipment and it’s always spotlessly clean. Jack and the other trainers are super friendly. The environment is not intimidating in the least. I will continue to train with Jack and by doing so I know I will meet my goals. I can’t wait to continue seeing results!

Jake DeVolder

Great gym and a great community. I’ve been training here with Wolly for over two years. Hands down best decision I’ve ever made for my health, physical and mental.

Michael Indrigo

Did a lot of research for places to work out when I moved to Nashville two years ago and found NLF. The entire group of trainers that work here are a great bunch of people in general and are excellent trainers that focus on form, function and motivation. I can personally highly recommend Wolly Wolcott as a personal trainer as well. I’ve worked with Wolly since day one and have seen continual improvement not only in strength but flexibility as well. Fantastic facility and even better group of people!

Harris Delchamps

Next Level Fitness trainers, equipment and amenities are true to their name...Next Level! Top notch gym with tons of room and all the equipment you could ask for. Trainers cater to each individual based on skill and ability. Love working out with Lee Maasen at Next Level. Highly recommend.

Nan Bumpus

Next Level Fitness has been instrumental in achieving my personal fitness goals! I have been working out with David Harvick for about 9 months now. The trainers at Next Level listen to your goals and implement fun, unique exercises so your workout is never the same and you will see results quickly! The facility has top of the line equipment and the trainers are knowledgeable in their field. If you have been attending group classes or working out on your own for awhile and are not seeing the results you would like... I highly recommended trying Next Level fitness to not only meet your goals, but have fun while doing it!

Scott Self

I have been working out at Next Level since last summer and truly enjoy every session. The facilities are pristine with plenty of easy parking. All equipment is first class and there is plenty of room while to workout, never feeling crowded. The trainers have exceptional camaraderie amongst themselves which leads to an enjoyable workout. Next Level has showers as well. My trainer is Jackson Boyd who is extremely knowledgeable of fitness and adapts workouts to his clients. I highly recommend Next Level.

Jeff Lynch

I have been a client of Next Level Fitness for many years and have regularly-scheduled workouts three days per week with trainer/owner Jack Haynes. Over the years I have gotten to know very well not only Jack Haynes, but the many other fantastic trainers who train clients at Next Level Fitness. Next Level Fitness is a very encouraging place to work out...the trainers (and other clients) are all very friendly. It is always fun to be there...great environment, great music and great people. Jack and NLF has helped me to accomplish my fitness goals...I would be so much worse off if it weren't for Next Level Fitness! I highly recommend NLF...come check it out!

Krysten Velloff

I highly recommend Next Level Fitness. I’ve been training with Steven for 7 months now. While I am seeing results physically, I was surprised at how I started seeing results mentally within the second week. I am sleeping better and waking up with an immense amount of energy that I never had before. I used to drink coffee to get through the day. Now, I drink coffee just for the taste. The best part is that I don’t feel drained by the end of the day. I truly love the atmosphere at Next Level Fitness. Everyone is friendly, and it’s a very comfortable environment. I love the variety and abundance of equipment. Steven challenges me, physically and mentally, with new exercises everyday, and we never have to wait for a machine. Steven has truly changed my life, and I am excited to continue my journey at Next Level Fitness.

Frank Hundley

I feel really comfortable at Next Level. It's spacious and filled with natural light, and Jack and everyone else are so friendly and welcoming The environment is fun and unpretentious and its just a really nice place to spend an hour focusing on my wellness. Also, the gym lacks nothing equipment wise. Highly recommend!

Allen Palmer

I have been Training at Next Level Fitness for 10 years and under their guidance, I have been able to stop the regular procedures on my lower back! Now, I am working on adding muscle and living an amazing life. Jack Haynes and his team are truly a step above and I can not thank them enough for helping me change my life! Thanks for an amazing 10 years!!

Doug Bryson

Jack Haynes has been training me for a couple months. He is creative, focused, and has a genuine interest in getting me in shape and teaching how to eat well. He knows his stuff and has some cool gadgets on his Ipad that always keep me on my toes! I highly recommend Next Level Fitness!

This is an absolutely fantastic personal training studio. All of the equipment is clean and is kept in order. What I like most is definitely the people. All of the trainers are great and are willing to help out anyone who has some questions. Jack Haynes is the head trainer and he is awesome. It’s been very fun to see the transformations he has been able to make with his clients. I highly recommend Next Level Fitness.

Allen McKendree

In 2007 I had three bad discs and was told I had degenerative spine that would quickly end up in surgery. My MD told me that I had to lose weight and start exercising, basically change my whole approach to life to try and put off going under the knife and he was right though I hated hearing him say that. I tried to do it on my own but it didnt work. So I asked a physically fit friend to recommend a personal trainer and they sent me to Jack Haynes and I started working out with him. Thankfully he had a lot of patience! This past week they repeated the MRI and we were all BLOWN AWAY! Side by side the scans look like to different people. My back has actually IMPROVED not deteriorated!!! Jack Haynes and Next Level Fitness have helped me strengthen my core & lower back and take off the weight to the point my MD said there’s nothing else they can suggest as I am in “phenomenal shape”!! I still have days when my back hurts like crazy, but Jack helps me find alternative ways to achieve my goals and together, we have never given up! Being able to trust Jack has helped when I couldn’t see past the moment when everything hurt and my faith in myself slipped. Personal training with Jack has enabled me to beat the odds and surgery is no longer an option or threat!!! Thanks Jack. You’re my hero!!!!

Jack French

For years I have struggled with weight loss. I tried every fad diet and even resorted to a prescribed schedule 3 drug banned in Tennessee. Last January, I made the decision to get my life back on track and be healthy. Knowing that I needed structure and accountability, I sought recommendations for a personal trainer. Jack Haynes at Next Level Fitness was mentioned multiple times. After a complimentary consult with him on January 5th, I made the commitment to 12 training sessions. It turns out, that is exactly what I needed. I wanted to make a lifestyle change so right off the bat we took a three- fold approach tailoring my nutrition, exercise, and goals. With my job I travel extensively and have frequent business lunches and dinners. Jack helped me plan accordingly by scheduling 6 meals per day. He advised me to make healthier choices rather than take a restrictive approach or ban certain foods. Together, we developed a plan I can live with for life. Based on my work schedule and availability, he developed different workouts and goals for me each week. “My homework” consisted of exercises that could be done anywhere – with or without a gym. We combined different strength training and cardio to help shed weight and build muscle. As a result, my weight has gone from 237 to 170 lbs. and I no longer require high blood pressure medication. My body fat percentage has also dropped 10%. Here a year later, I’m still as committed as I was at day one. I am energetic, motivated- and most of all- healthy. To sum it up, I feel like a completely different person inside and out. I could not be happier with my results or recommend Jack strongly enough. Jack Haynes CHANGED MY LIFE. Let him change yours.
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