Our Mission

I have a vision for the future of fitness in Nashville and have dedicated myself to creating a productive and professional environment for trainers and their clients. I thought long and hard about what would make the best venue for helping people achieve positive lifestyle changes, and Next Level Fitness embodies that vision.

In the past, people have had to choose between a commercial gym or a private fitness studio. They could go to a large gym chain and jockey for space and equipment in what is sometimes an intimidating environment that may not be worth the money they paid. The other option was a private studio, which generally offers a higher quality of training and a less intimidating environment, but with limited space, equipment and amenities (like a restroom down the hall!). What’s even worse is a small studio packed with several trainers; then it feels even more crowded!”

Here our goal was to achieve the best of both worlds with regards to the facility. We have the size and equipment of a major gym chain while still being a private training studio. Of course all the best “stuff” in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the motivation to use it or the instruction to use it safely and effectively. Our fitness professionals have what it takes to help bring your training to the next level!

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