Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist

A certified sports and conditioning specialist will help you achieve your fitness goals in an organized manner. If it's your first time looking for one, you must be asking endless questions about who they are and what they do. We will explore everything you need to know about a certified sports conditioning specialist so you can well understand this group of professionals.

Who Is A Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist?

A Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist refers to a professional equipped with scientific knowledge necessary for training athletes. Their goal is to enhance their clients' athletic performance while minimizing the possibilities for injuries.

Sports conditioning specialists or coaches focus on a range of goals, from eliminating muscle imbalances to strengthening ligaments and tendons. Besides, these specialists are also responsible for addressing underlying flexibility complications. Therefore, it is vital for every athlete, whether an amateur or professionally experienced, to seek sports conditioning services. Moreover, it is a good step towards enhancing their:

Overall stamina and strength
Gait, speed, and agility
Power—plyometrics, and strength

What does it take to be a Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist?

A certified sports conditioning specialist requires you to meet the set standards for certification. Adequate education is the key to being a certified sports conditioning coach. It begins with an undergraduate bachelor's degree in an exercise science-related field. The degree forms the foundation on which the career is built, after which you can undertake several other certification courses to enhance your knowledge and skills. Some of these courses include:

The International Sports Sciences Association
The National Council of Strength and Fitness
The National Strength and Conditioning Association
The National Academy of Sports Medicine

Besides the above courses, the specialist should also hold valid AED/ CPR and CPT certifications and, 640-hour internship with a CSCC approved mentor.

The Work of a Sports and Conditioning Specialist and How it Benefits Athletes

Being a certified sports conditioning specialist allows you to do a range of tasks as outlined below:

Identify weak muscle links that compromise your athlete's optimal performance.
Examine your client's gait and work on enhancing their speed while minimizing chances for injury.
Proper strength and endurance training enhance overall performance and reduce injury.
Conduct agility training on your athletes to maximize their power, speed, muscle reflexes, and coordination.
Identify and resolve any underlying imbalances in the strength and core stability.
Guide athletes in developing new skills while enhancing the existing ones (sport-specific).
Design cardiovascular programs to maximize aerobic capacity necessary for optimum endurance.

Work with a Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist

As an athlete, it depends on your needs. Working with a Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist will open doors of improvement and bring you to the next level.

Unlock peak performance and realize your true athletic prowess today.

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