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Fitness Challenges You Should Try This New Year

By Jack Haynes | In fitness in Nashville TN, Gyms

Nashville fitness

Looking better, increasing strength and endurance are often few of the many New Year resolutions for fitness people around the world.  If you are one in this group, then here are some fitness challenges you might be interested in. The type of activity is less important than the amount of focus and energy you put into it. Here are a few examples of things you may want to try.  If you enjoy one (or more) of them, then consider incorporating them into your long-term fitness lifestyle. 

Take the 12-Week Transformation Contest

Transformation challenges are really great, but only for people who are keen on seeing an immediate physical change but may not think about fitness seriously. Though each version is bound by different rules, but most of them have a common framework. The basic principle behind this challenge is taking “before” photos, following a 12-week training and nutrition plan and then taking “after” photos. You would thus be inspired to work as hard as you can so that your “after” photo shows a major change and most importantly a BETTER “you”! If this sort of thing motivates you, then it is definitely a great way to start off the year.

Run a Mile or Two

You might be thinking by now- well, what next? What should you be doing after you’ve actually lost that weight? Now it is time to start working on increasing your endurance and losing that extra bit so that you are in better shape for summer! Running is one example of a great way to achieve this. Not everyone is a runner, but if you do enjoy running, then go for it! You need to set a realistic goal based on your current fitness level and ability. Working on achieving this goal will be beneficial to you both physically and mentally. As you accomplish your initial target, you need to immediately move on to the next step and aim for more mileage or a better time. If endurance running is not for you, interval running/sprints are another great way to extend your training. The sense of accomplishment you get from doing this not only boosts your physical health but can be mentally enriching as well. Also, the confidence you exude will affect other areas of your life in a positive manner.

 Lift Some Weights

A good way of improving your overall health is weightlifting to increase your strength and muscle endurance.  Whether it’s basic resistance training, powerlifting or Olympic lifting, weight lifting will increase your lean muscle mass, which gives you a higher metabolism and better function in everyday life.  Bodybuilding, while less useful in my opinion, also increases muscle mass and provides hypertrophy for those who are looking to increase size as well as strength.

It is not always necessary that you need to find big-time Nashville gyms or high-end fitness studios. Look around for a local gym or studio and get involved. Things may look intimidating at first, but taking that first step will pay off in a big way.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  If you are able to hire a personal trainer, do it!  If that isn’t an option, spend some time researching economical options to learn what you need to know to get started. Whether your goal is strength gains or weight loss, there’s a lifting program that will deliver best results. And, as you get older, strength training can help to fight the natural decline in muscle and bone density.

Overcome the “Obstacle”

Sign up for an obstacle challenge or adventure race. Many of these challenges test all facets of fitness. No two races are alike, as each one comes with its own challenges. One track may be 4 miles long while another may be 6 miles. Some may involve mud crawling, while others might require jumping and climbing. For some races, you might even need to carry heavy objects or swim across long distances. If you’re into difficult challenges, one of the most challenging is the Tough Mudder. It is generally around 12miles of mud and 20+ obstacles. One of the best aspects of these races, or challenges, is the incorporation of teamwork.  There are several obstacles that you cannot complete without the help of other.  So, put a team together and train to do one!

No matter what it is, start working on it now!

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