Community Outreach

Here at Next Level Fitness, we believe in practicing what we preach, not only in the gym, but out in the rest of the world as well. Sure, you have the option of coming in here only to trim up, or to grow bigger pecs, but we’re hoping that your ambition goes far beyond that. I want to know what really drives you, and then push you to achieve those real, deep seeded goals.

One of the things that drives us is the opportunity to reach out and be a part of something greater than ourselves, to use our gifts and strengths to help others in need. Whether it’s mission work overseas, or being a good neighbor in our own city, we’ve been blessed by the opportunity to serve others.

Below are some snapshots of our staff and clients working together on various projects.

Volunteering at the Dismas House, July, 2012


Guatemala Mission Trip, January, 2012

guatemala12 guatemala11

Alabama Tornado Relief

alabama1 alabama2 alabama3 alabama4

Nashville Flood Relief

Flood1 Flood3 Flood4 Flood2

“Strength means nothing unless it sets you free.”
“Muscles mean nothing unless used to uplift others.”
– Dr. Jack Barnathon

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